1. Turning Torso - feelings
2. Facts about Turning Torso
3. Building Turning Torso
4. The offices
5. Apartments
6. Cleaning the windows
7. Security and technic
8. Rewards
9. LOOK INSIDE Turning Torso NEW!
10. About Turning Torso
11. Strange things...
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Turning Torso - 54th floor

Push button 54! Hmm... use the card and you´ll see that it´ll work!

You reach the top floor quite quickly in the high speed elevator.... (38 sec)

"The Wallander room" - a conference room with binoculars....

View from the conference room - facing north.

And those large white pipes outside the windows.

View towards the beach of Ribersborg and the Oresund bridge.

Oh my goodness... A broken window. Well....I thought I saw some boys playing with a football outside... That must have been a really good shot.. :-)

Wooden walls with matching lamps...

The "HSB Hall" is a long, softly curved, wooden room...

View from the "HSB hall".. To have at least one binocular in every room seems to be standard in this buiding :-)

Feels like flying.... However it´s hard to look straight down. No balconies and no windows to open...

Yes, it´s really hard to understand how high the building is from up here...