1. Turning Torso - feelings
2. Facts about Turning Torso
3. Building Turning Torso
4. The offices
5. Apartments
6. Cleaning the windows
7. Security and technic
8. Rewards
9. LOOK INSIDE Turning Torso NEW!
10. About Turning Torso
11. Strange things...
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6. Cleaning the windows at Turning Torso

Two men in a tiny little basket hanging outside Turning Torse.... Silently moving from a window to another. Cleaning the windows on the outside of every apartment. 

This is not a career for peopel who are afraid of heights!! The basket keeps stable with a counterweight in order to be able to work in different weather conditions. And it´s not unusaual to experience very strong wind this close to the sea...

But with a wonderful view as "extra bonus" - and maybe a glimse of a famous person living in Turning Torso these brave men work at a top position. Impressive!

How many windows can they clean every day? It depends. But probably it´s a constant cleaning. When they´ve finished with the last windows it´s time to start over again.  This close to the sea - you´ll get salt on the windows and they need regularly treatment.

And... thank God - the cleaning of the windows is includes in the rent!